Holiday Homes in Enisala




Enisala, Tulcea







In progress


Alexandru Popescu, Silvia Pleșea

Showing respect for the cultural heritage and the unique position of the site, we felt obligated to align ourselves with the volumetric and aesthetic solutions crystallized in the area over time. Inspired by the landscape of the area, both natural and constructed, and influenced by the pronounced slope of the terrain, we positioned each of the 3 houses on the site, each with its own peculiarities. "The Lakeside House" - "Lacustris" reveals itself. It is the screen that holds the gaze towards the valley as soon as you pass through the gate. Serene and light. It closely follows the local aesthetics from positioning to the harmony and balance of proportions between walls, roof, and pediment through the interweaving of the enclosed spaces of dwelling and the open spaces of the place. Elevated on stilts by the lake, it completes the "airy" character, without being temporary. "The Stone House" - "Lapis" hides itself. It delicately turns its back to its own courtyard, facing towards the valley, the lake, and the citadel, disregarding any boundaries. Its heavy base firmly places it on the ground. And for us, this was a moment of rotation, of seeking the place and grounding ourselves. "The Adobe House" - "Lutum" exists. The place was created around it. The orchard surrounds its timid and utilitarian existence. It does not aim to show itself arrogantly, but through a tendon, through expansion, it connects familiaritas, the inner world, with an external space, activated by the porch that surrounds the house and creates links with the valley and the horizon, keeping you in the tranquility of the courtyard.





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